Diamante caffee machine

La Pavoni brings for you the good feeling  of a good coffe, since 1955 till now.

Our DIAMANTE machine make for you the best coffee with an unforgettable taste.


 Do you hold a coffee shop and you’re doing your best to keep the customers satisfied? Then you will make the best choose with our Diamante machine. From 1955 this machine still makes a great coffee without any suspicion.


 Diamante machine 1955


‘’The real design has no style, no fashion; if the article is right, it’s last forever’’ -Bruno Munari

The Diamante machine was reborn by the great imagination of two designers from Italy, Bruno Munari and Enzo Mari in 1956, getting a wonderful taste of the best coffee . Our machine will help you to impress others with the special design which is unique and will give to your coffee shop a special image.  The Diamond machine is available for you in two colors – red and blue.


Diamante caffee machine red and blue



Electronic programmable dosing espresso machine with digital control pad and micro processor. Four cup size selections including continuous brewing and a stop button.  Press-forged chromed brass groups with valves infusion chamber. The La Pavoni Diamante 1955 Concorso Series is the classic Lever espresso machine cast in its most modern context. The Diamante is the most beautiful  handcrafted machine  in polished stainless steel, with contoured panels offering a diamond look -like prism of reflecting angles. The pull-down lever operation gives your shop the retro feel of the 1950s, which for sure will attract more lovers of good old times.

An important  role for this machine was played by the framework in pre-painted sheet metal, formed by geometrical and modular elements which,, creates machines in different lengths and the most varied color combinations.





Diamante machine