Are you looking for a coffee machine for your home or office ?

Here you go!

ECoffee has the best La Pavoni machine for you. Since 1905 if there were to be only one espresso machine, La Pavoni still won the hearts of espresso lovers. 

Sometimes all what you need is to take your time with a good coffee, reading a book or just looking on the window and thinking about your new projects. 

La Pavoni espresso machine has a unique design, made completely of chromed steel, with measurement of 16 inches high,9 inches wide and 12 inches in diameter, removable transparent water tank; the automatic pressurized filter holder; a special filter for single cups of coffee in bags and so on. It’s a cutting edge technology and functionality and it’s easy to use it. The coffee machines made with a steel body are proven durable and more functional through years of use. It is made from Italy where espresso has originated.

The La Pavoni Espresso Inn is one of the easy to use home with a  quiet operation. You can make a morning espresso without disturbing everybody. It should be noted that home espresso machines raised the amount of domestic consumption of espresso.
Our espresso machine is a convenient small handheld machine that can make as many as 30 espressos.

You can leave the machine unsupervised until the process is over. Making the best espresso with less error can be achieved with La Pavoni.

Cappuccino frothing is both quick and easy thanks to the dual frothing system included.  The Turbo attachment simplifies the traditional way of frothing milk and the Cappuccino Automatic attachment draws the cold milk from its container delivering it perfectly frothed and heated into your cup.